Disney princesses quiz: how well do you know them?

Disney Princesses Quiz: here is the fun quiz on some of the protagonists of Disney fairy tales: find out how much you know with the test!

Here is the quiz on Disney Princesses: along with some animated characters such as Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, those who founded a very powerful and widespread cultural imagery coming out of the Disney company are the princesses. It is very interesting to analyze them, because although there are 59 classics the royal protagonists are only twelve. All princesses are therefore indicative of their historical period, in fact through those models of femininity we can understand what has changed in culture. Snow White (1937) is totally the child of a historical period that found femininity to be promoted as a homely model, so the first princess is a candid woman who is very good at domestic service and dreams of true, one love. She waits for him, because social mores still forbid her to approach her, her love interest. Cinderella (1950), on the other hand, is a woman who wants to escape injustice, she definitely dreams of true love, but she is much more combative toward her obstacles as opposed to Snow White, who is totally helpless. With Aurora, the protagonist of "Sleeping Beauty in the Woods" (1959), no further step is taken; only nine years have passed and a more complex writing of the princess will still have to wait. She also like Snow White, is only able to be saved by the one true love: a man. It will have to wait for the feminist revolution with Mulan, the first truly multifaceted princess with desires, ambitions and more that casually converge in love interest. She is not saved by anyone but she is the heroine who will defeat the looming threat of the Huns through her talents. If with Mulan the feminist revolution rips through the Disney path, finally bringing a truly contemporary princess, Tiana is the first black representative of this strand in analysis. If we think that so many African American girls have found themselves empathizing with white princesses, Tiana is another necessary revolution. In addition to being a great character, it was important that even a very young black audience, had a heroine with whom they could totally identify from an aesthetic point of view as well. They still found an imaginary, some of them have even become misguided role models according to some film critics, especially Ariel. It is impossible not to be bewitched initially by some of them, despite the many limitations highlighted as time goes by.