Disney villains quiz: do you know them all? Take the Test!

Disney Villains Quiz: here is the Test that tests your knowledge about Disney villains! Some characters are very famous, but others only real experts know them!

Disney Villains Quiz: do you think you know everything about the most villainous characters in the Disney universe? With this test you can prove it! Although good always triumphs in Disney stories, evil has had so many times a representation perhaps even more charismatic than its counterpart. This is the case, for example, in Hercules or The Lion King, where Hades and Scar are very charming characters despite their evil intentions. Perhaps more so than the positive protagonists. Empathizing with the negative character, with the villain, has always been a dynamic considered by analysts. The latter, it gets so much relevance for example in the gangster strand, where audiences find themselves rooting for criminals, murderers, and people who do terrible things. Yet we want them to survive. We care because they are often the protagonists in this vein. In Disney feature films, on the other hand, the villain represents one of the main characters, but is never the protagonist. So why does this dynamic opposite to the story's intentions take over the viewer? It is important to clarify, how often some characters, today are much more cloying such as Snow White who hardly takes root on a contemporary teenager because she is a type of femininity too far removed from our historical period. Instead, the evil queen has retained her charisma, her cruelty. Today, being used to a much more sweetened Disney, that character so purely malevolent is really effective. Instead, sometimes it is more simply a characterization linked to another work, think just of The Lion King. Scar and the whole thing is so reminiscent of Shakespeare's work, especially in the texts of Hamlet and Macbeth. That strength, that thirst for power that distinguishes Scar and that murder so brutal against Mufasa, build a very serious figure for an animated film with that target audience. Scar, like the mother witch in The Little Mermaid represent pure evil. They are hardly included in gags where they also participate in the fun, while for example Hades is a villain who constantly likes to mock his opponent with his comedy. He is often not taken seriously, yet he tries to show how evil he is, yet manages to make people laugh at his ridiculousness, in fact his actions never involve real fear. There are so many types of Disney villains, all obviously related to the tone of the film. Some of them even manage to become more popular than the hero because they often conceal greater complexity.