Dogs quiz: how well do you know them? Take the Test!

Quiz on Dogs: here is the test that checks your knowledge about "man's best friend." Take the test on Dogs!

Quiz on Dogs: in this test you will have to answer questions dedicated exclusively to these trusty animals! "He who has not had a dog does not know what it means to be loved," so wrote German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer in the 19th century about man's best friend. It is an enduring bond, established millennia ago when we were looking for a faithful and tireless helper to best carry out our activities for the progress of society, whether it was hunting, herding, transporting or guarding. Over the centuries, the role of the animal thus became more and more central, leading humans to devote more and more attention to it, give it its own name, ban in many countries the consumption of its meat and many other rights. At the same time, as society evolved, the role of the dog in it also changed, and more and more breeds were selected, each with specific characteristics in relation to the tasks to be performed, ranging from so-called guard dogs to purely companionable, lounge dogs. Then, starting in the twentieth century, efforts have been made to transmit our lifestyle to many dogs as well, resulting in dog-actors, dog-models, dog-presidents of sports teams just to name a few famous examples, not to forget the numerous protagonists of novels, movies and TV series. There are currently estimated to be between 500 million and 1 billion in the world, including a few million in Italy where about 30 percent of households own one or more. Are you among them? Would you like to adopt one? Try your hand and enter a world where it will be easy for you to fall in love with a four-legged friend.