Doctor Strange quiz: do you know the Marvel character and the dedicated movie? Test yourself!

Doctor Strange Quiz: Could you know every aspect of Doctor Strange? Take the test!

Doctor Strange is one of the strongest Marvel Cinematic Universe characters ever to appear, so when he's around it's always difficult to manage the balance of forces at play. The trade-off between an overpowered being and a underpowered one is a very important deal in the writing of the Marvel Comics Universe, in fact when Doctor Strange is around there is often a difficulty that does not allow him to manifest his true powers. Answer the questions we will ask in the text and find out how well you know this character The questions that follow will not be the usual ones included in the various texts, but will test your critical ability to understand the character and his choices. We are almost all good at remembering what year Doctor Strange came out, but not everyone remembers the sorcerer's journey. Doctor Strange is a character inserted into the Marvel Universe long after the latter appeared. In fact, unlike Iron Man, he is a character who must be placed in the world of magic, the multiverse, and a whole series of very particular instances in order to be eviscerated. Giving him a physical representation is not only an excellent actor, but also someone very similar to his paper counterpart. From the very beginning in fact fans have promoted him, though with some reservations of course. The latter must always be there, yet these difficulties are precisely related to what we were saying earlier. In the midst of mortals, albeit brilliant ones, Doctor Strange seems almost like a divine being with boundless powers. Or at least he should be according to the comics. In the Marvel Comics Universe he has perhaps been depowered a bit, partly because making him act with such a large roster is really complicated. Yet the movies dedicated to him have always been very well received and have never come close to lacking in inventiveness, an issue very dear to the Marvel Cinematic Universe that has to churn out title after title that is always different but related at the same time.