Avengers Endgame quiz: do you think you can pass it?

Avengers Endgame quiz: have you seen this Marvel movie? This test is only for true Avengers fans. Put yourself to the test!

Are you a fan of Marvel movies and specifically on the Avengers movies? If yes, this is the perfect quiz for you! With this test on Avengers Endgame you will test your knowledge about the blockbuster Marvel movie. You'll be able to dive back into the story that brought more than one fan to tears and features one of the most epic battles in the entire saga. If you think you are a true expert this is the time to try it! Although the journey of the Marvel Cinematic Universe does not end with this film, it is impossible not to think of a line of demarcation drawn with the epilogue of Avengers Endgame. In story writing we often talk about the internal hero's journey of a film or saga. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe everything is magnified, even and especially the paths of the characters much closer to television seriality than to cinema, since we are talking about a very long evolution. Iron Man is an example. For him there are two hero's journeys, the one within the film and the one to his character's destiny within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Endgame his journey reaches its conclusion. Released in 2020 and directed by the Russo brothers, Avengers Endgame closes a circle and a macrostory that began with Avengers, from there it was all an eleven-year ride to the Infinity Gauntlet, the Gems, and Thanos. Writing conclusions is very difficult since it must be analyzed as the last chapter of a very large story arc and also as a single film. By the first yardstick of analysis, the larger one, Avengers Endgame is a very good conclusion that despite some problems between the forces at play and some forcing knows how to entertain very well. As a single film it obviously could say absolutely nothing to someone who has not seen every single MCU product, just as the screen time of the many, many characters is dosed in relation to their importance and a very strong star system. It also often suffers from a wide-ranging story, epic and all that belongs to it. Some paths are less powerful than others, as well as sometimes having to handle so many characters on screen, the direction and editing seek hyperkinetic action but only confuse the viewer. Despite all the flaws, Avengers Endgame is a truly remarkable production effort that perhaps needed another hand behind the camera.