Family Guy: do you know the animated series? Take the Test!

Test Family Guy: if you think you can answer more questions about the well-known TV series then all you have to do is attempt the quiz! Find out how much you know!

Test Family Guy: if you think you are able to answer more questions about the well-known TV series then all you have left is to attempt the quiz! The Griffins are one of the most critically acclaimed animated series, boasting an incredible number of drawn seasons and an even more surprising amount of fans. The entire TV series revolves around the sometimes borderline ridiculous events of the Griffin family, which is not only funny and sarcastic, but also manages to be ironic in a very fine way about America in general and how a seemingly normal family is actually comical. The sharp jokes of the characters are undoubtedly the gist of the whole program, on the surface they might even seem wicked, but ni reality they are just the thoughts that most people think but never have the courage to say, so as not to shock a fragile society that is very fond of political correctness. The family nucleus is very classic, a father, a mother and three children, always accompanied by the very faithful dog Brian, no one would ever expect what kind of adventures happen to these characters, always mixed up in compromising situations. What is most striking, is the passion with which their fans follow them and with how much love they watch these episodes steeped in double entendres and questionable behavior, this is nothing but the product of a brilliant mind that only the creator of the series could have. In this case, all the efforts that had to be made to produce this cartoon are undoubtedly paid off, especially by the many awards they have managed to take home over the years.