Quiz on Dino Zoff: How well do you know the legendary Italian goalkeeper? Test your knowledge!

If you are a soccer fan, you surely know the name of Dino Zoff, a true legend of Italian soccer. But how much do you really know about the soccer player and his career? Test yourself with our quiz on Dino Zoff! Answer the questions and find out if you are a true expert on Italian soccer. Take the quiz and challenge your friends to do better than you!

Dino Zoff was one of the greatest Italian soccer players of all time. Born in Mariano del Friuli in 1942, Zoff played for the Italian national soccer team for 16 years, winning the World Cup in 1982. He was also the goalkeeper for Juventus for 11 seasons, winning six Serie A titles and a UEFA Cup. Zoff began his playing career in 1961 with Triestina, before moving to Mantova in 1963. In 1967 he moved to Napoli, where he played for four seasons before being bought by Juventus in 1972. With Juventus, Zoff won six Serie A titles, two Italian Cups and a UEFA Cup. But Zoff's real glory came with the Italian national team. He made his debut in 1968 and played for the team until 1984, winning the 1982 World Cup. Zoff captained the team during the tournament and kept his goal unbeaten for 1142 minutes, a record that was only broken in 2018 by Gianluigi Buffon. But Zoff was not only a great goalkeeper. He was also a natural leader, respected by his teammates for his intelligence and ability to motivate others. After retiring from playing soccer, Zoff embarked on a coaching career, leading Lazio, Juventus, and the Italian national team. Zoff has also been a controversial figure. In 1978, during an Italian Cup match between Juventus and Vicenza, Zoff refused to hug the opposing goalkeeper, Giovanni Galli, after the game was over. Zoff explained that he did not want to hug an opponent who had tried to hurt him during the match. But despite the controversy, Zoff is still considered one of the greatest Italian soccer players of all time. He was inducted into the Italian soccer Hall of Fame in 2011 and continues to be a respected figure in the soccer world. In conclusion, Dino Zoff was a great footballer and a great leader. His career was marked by success and controversy, but his impact on Italian soccer was enormous. Zoff was an example for many young footballers, showing that with talent, hard work and dedication, great goals can be achieved.