Grease quiz: how well do you know the movie musical? Take the Test!

Grease Quiz: the test for real fans who loved the musical and its songs!

With this Grease quiz you can go back in time and test your knowledge of the movie that made musicals history. Grease made its debut as a musical in 1971 and became a movie in 1978. Set in a U.S. high school in the 1950s, it tells the love story of two boys, Danny and Sandy. The two meet and fall in love during summer vacation when Sandy, a Swedish-Australian girl is in the United States. Sandy, has to return to Australia at the end of the summer and the two therefore have to say goodbye. Sandy's plans, however, change and the girl stays in the United States and unknowingly enrolls in the same school as Danny. Arriving at the new school, Sandy befriends a group of girls, the Pink Ladies, to whom she tells her summer romance. Danny does the same with his group of friends, the Thunderbirds. Danny, however, a popular boy with a reputation as a womanizer, mispronounces the story so as not to look bad in front of his friends. When the two meet at school, therefore, Sandy meets a different Danny than the one she had known during the summer, this time blustery and no longer romantic and sweet. Sandy, an innocent and very sweet girl, is greatly hurt by this behavior. The continuation of the film follows the love story of the two boys and the vicissitudes of the other members of the two groups. Grease remains to this day one of the most beloved movie-musicals of all time, whose songs are still famous today. Danny played by John Travolta and Sandy by Olivia Newton-John continue to be one of the most iconic couples in pop culture. Some have criticized the film's sexism, but Grease nevertheless remains capable of capturing the high school setting and the late 1950s and deals with themes that are not taken for granted.