Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Quiz: Take the Test!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Quiz: If you love the wizarding saga then you must test yourself with the test!

This quiz on Harry Potter focuses on the events told in the historic first chapter of the saga: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Test yourself and find out how much you know about the movie that kicked off the Harry film series. Many years have passed since the first installment of the series was released, but true fans remember everything about that fantastic film. Many have rewatched it many times over the years, and are you among them? Do you remember all the plot, events, characters and trivia about this film that marked an era? Quiz Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone will find questions about Harry's arrival in Hogwards, Harry's friends, the challenges they faced, and many other trivia about the film. These are questions that only those who have seen the film can answer, but not only that: there are very difficult questions that only true fans of the saga will know how to answer. If you can't wait to dive back into the magic of the Philosopher's Stone this test is perfect for you: test yourself now!