Harry Potter quiz: how well do you know the character of Harry?

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Here is the quiz on l Harry Potter character! In both literature and film, there are paths that a character takes depending on his or her role. Harry, being the protagonist, belongs to the one who faces the hero's journey. This journey will see him go through different stages, where he will face considerable losses, where he will conquer one goal to lose another but being a hero, a positive character, he will triumph. Very briefly Harry Potter goes through this path where he undergoes an evolution along with the films, where we will learn about even the darker sides of his character, but without greatly questioning his positivity within the story. In the Chamber of Secrets about Harry we will have a lot of doubts, we begin to learn about his ties to the dark lord and therefore he appears to us as a character with edges. These peculiar powers, however, will never confuse Harry's mind to such a degree that he becomes a negative character. He will never be able to unleash certain dark magic, despite which some morally questionable elements will serve to make him more fascinating. Despite all this he is still a positive hero and not at all an anti-hero like Don Draper or Bojack. His journey within the tale written by Rowling will make us understand the importance of a burden and what comes with it. The loneliness, the judgmental stares of your friends who observe perhaps dangerous characteristics in you. All of this will make Harry Potter the perfect teacher to instruct Dumbledore's army, for he knows how important the strength of the whole is. Of course, compared to other characters, his path is very canonical, yet he has some interesting branches. Immediately after Sirius Black's death, Harry pursues Bellatrix and casts the cruciatus curse on her. A spell not to kill but to torture one's opponent to insanity. At that moment a blind rage invades the chosen one, causing him to lose all moral defense. Had not the dark lord intervened at that juncture, perhaps Harry would have raged. That would have been another archetype, another character. Harry is the protagonist and his, is the hero's journey.