Draco Malfoy quiz: how well do you know the character?

Test on Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter: are you knowledgeable about Harry's world? Now you can prove it with this quiz specifically about Draco Malfoy! Take the Test!

This is the quiz dedicated Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter. He is Harry's main rival in the saga as well as his perfect counterpart. From all points of view Draco proves to be a political and social nemesis who will initially have a very strong legacy that will influence him, but which soon ends up backfiring on him. From the very first film both magical and political rivalry will figure prominently in their confrontations, until Draco has to take a role within Dumbledore's murder since he came from a family of Death Eaters. Although he comes to disarm him, Draco does not find the strength to kill him not because he is afraid of an attack by Dumbledore, but because it is murder is an unacceptable act that does not belong to him. An interesting component of the Harry Potter saga that reflects a real English counterpart is that of classism. Draco is not only a pure-blood but is very wealthy and treats the Weasleys especially, but also the chosen one who hangs out with him with an air of superiority. Clearly a legacy full of privilege given by economic status. Family once again. What about Draco's political views? Again, we are talking about legacies, since from an early age Harry's nemesis received a very marking upbringing, something that made him think from that point on. Family upbringing. Once again. Socially and politically we understood his contempt, but there is also a personal rivalry and envy for Harry. Everyone talks about him, the only survivor of the killing anathema, the infant who defeated perhaps the most powerful dark wizard ever. That envy does not belong to the family, it is solely generated by Draco. A very understandable feeling when we think of the psychological pressure that the very young wizard played by Tom Felton had to endure. On that tower, however, he will not succeed in killing Dumbledore because Draco is a classic product of a bad and dangerous heritage, but he is not evil. He is just a misunderstood like so many, a person who would need help from the very people he had to learn to despise.