Hatha yoga: can you recognize all the asanas?

Hatha Yoga is the most popular type of Yoga in the world, an ancient practice that focuses on balancing the body and mind, a complex discipline that brings physical and psychological benefits.

The word "hatha" means "strength" and refers to the need for physical and mental effort to dominate one's body and mind.Hatha Yoga exercises are a set of static (called ร‚sana) and dynamic postures, more or less physically strenuous, closely related to breathing techniques, which aim to take care of the body with the goal of making it healthy and perfectly under the control of the individual, as well as always united with the mental and spiritual component. The postures are designed to lengthen and strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and posture, and help release accumulated tension in the body. The practice of each ร‚sana is accompanied by controlled breathing, which helps to relax the body and mind and increase awareness of one's breath. The positions are of various types and each goes to act on specific chakras:
  • standing
  • sitting
  • kneeling
  • supine
  • prone
  • flipped
With practice and experience, the initial fatigue, instability and uncomfortableness of some postures are replaced by stability and comfort and can thus be maintained for a long time with minimal effort. This happens because among the physical benefits of Hatha Yoga practice we find suppleness, strength, balance and fluency. Hatha Yoga is also a form of moving meditation, as it requires one to focus on breathing and one's body while performing the postures. Regular practice of this type of yoga can help improve concentration, mental calmness and body awareness, as well as reduce stress and anxiety.