Henry Danger quiz: how much do you know? Take the test!

Henry Danger quiz: are you sure you know everything about the sitcom Henry Danger? Find out by answering these questions! Concentrate and do your best!

Henry Danger quiz: give as many correct answers as you can about the TV series Henry Danger and show how attentive you were during the episodes! Do you think you can answer some questions about one of the most popular TV series among young audiences in recent times? If you think your answer might be yes, then waste no more time and answer this test. It will be by answering the most questions correctly that you will prove how knowledgeable you are on the subject and how much you enjoyed the sitcom. Good luck! The sitcom begins with a young boy named Henry Hart who decides to become more independent from his parents and therefore wants to get a simple job as a clerk in a local convenience store, what he doesn't know is that this will radically change his life. In fact, he will be hired, but not as a salesman, rather as an assistant to the local superhero, ergo the owner of the store. The only condition for retaining this employment is that he not reveal his identity to anyone; this task will remain extremely difficult for him, since already in the first season someone very close to him will find out everything. The program follows the various battles against crime of the two, battles that very often are against very peculiar criminals, who are embarrassed rather than dangerous. The series goes on relentlessly at a pace of jokes and jabs at justice. The sitcom has been quite successful among the younger generation, even securing nominations and winning multiple awards during the production period, bringing up the pride of such young actors.