Horror Movie Quiz: are you an expert on horror movies? Take the Test!

Horror Movie Quiz: could you answer specific questions about the scariest movies of all time? Test yourself and prove you know everything about this film genre. Take the Test!

This Horror Movies quiz, gives a comprehensive overview of your knowledge about the genre, undoubtedly the most adrenaline-pumping and exciting. Horror movies are perhaps what unites most entire generations of kids who gather every year on Halloween to be able to find the perfect movie and that is the one that can really scare them. Because let's face it, fear is what makes you realize that you are alive, it is the rush of chills that runs down your spine and reminds you that you are real, which is why each of us seeks it out in a way that however cannot backfire in reality, which is why we choose the cinematic route. After all, we know we are seeing something fake, but that does not take away the mixed feelings that lead us to always choose the same category, as far as films are concerned. There are hundreds of characters created specifically to scare us, just think of zombies or ghosts, which however real they may seem were instead produced just to create the feeling of terror in us. The following of this genre is growing larger and larger, most likely because the plots are becoming more and more dense and the special effects more and more frightening. Many people have delved into this scary world, but not everyone can call themselves a true fan, indeed many are not aware of the horror culture behind the fictitious surface created by the film world. Can you call yourself a true fan? Find out now with our horror movie quiz, it's quick and easy. What's more, with just 20 questions you can discover new trivia about your favorite genre. After all, you might even discover some new movies to watch.