Avengers Infinity War quiz: test yourself with the Test!

Here's the test to test your knowledge about the heroic deeds of the characters in Avengers Infinity War!

This quiz on Infinity War tests your knowledge about the Avengers universe! TV serials and movies are getting closer and closer. It is not just a matter of the invoice of the audiovisual product but of different cinematic models that try to propose seriality to the general public. In the past we would have said saga, but in reality something like the Marvel Cinematic Universe in proportions and seriality has never existed. Avengers Infinity War represents the end of a decade that saw Iron Man in 2008 debut as the initial chapter of this epic that who knows when it will end. After the many adventures of our protagonists, the encounter everyone has been waiting for has come, the one with the most important villain of this strand: Thanos. There are too many sequences in this film that excite the fans, but it is also true that Avengers Infinity War was a success mainly for the general audience. That most of all affects the market. In addition to all the production, post-production, and interdepartmental coordination difficulties, the film had a major narrative difficulty. Namely, that of making a series of characters from very different films coexist, some leaning more toward comedy and others toward drama. Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America Winter Soldier are, for example, two very different products. It is therefore not just a matter of screentime that sees big stars sharing the screen, but also of different approaches to the genre. Needless to say, Avengers Infinity War was able to find great harmony. Here is the test to test your knowledge about the heroic deeds of all those characters who have accompanied us for more than a decade. In this quiz, we will present you with a series of questions about the plot, the many characters, and the puzzles that have thrilled us and made us paw.