Jessica Jones quiz: do you know everything about this TV series?

Jessica Jones Quiz: are you sure you know everything about the TV series Jessica Jones? find out by answering these questions! focus and do your best!

Jessica Jones Quiz: give as many correct answers as you can about the Jessica Jones TV series and show how attentive you were during the episodes! Do you think you can answer some questions about one of the most exciting TV series of our time? If you think your answer might be yes, then waste no more time and get busy with our quiz. It will be precisely by correctly answering more or less general questions that you will be able to prove your knowledge on the subject and on the world's most famous detective heroine. Good luck! Jessica Jones is a former superheroine who, due to a terrible trauma she suffered, is affected by post-traumatic stress disorder and decides to become a private detective in order to be able to help ordinary people and all other superheroes who are in trouble. With the help of her friends and her investigative skills, she will succeed not only in solving the most complex cases but also in defeating the villain at the root of her pain. The series has been warmly received by both Netflix subscribers and critics, mainly because of its themes. Indeed, the approach is firm and sensitive especially on topics such as rape or PTSD. The noir tone of the program has been highly praised by critics, as well as the acting skills of the main character. Even more remarkable is the presence of a non-stereotypical female character, who in her being a simple human being with her own weaknesses is also a heroine who dedicates her life to others despite the immense pain she carries inside. A well-rounded protagonist who does not have to be perfect, but true.