Jurassik World quiz: how much do you know? Take the Test!

Jurassik World Quiz: do you think you remember everything about the plot and characters? Now with this test you can prove it!

This quiz on Jurassik World aims to test your knowledge about one of the best dinosaur movies ever. Jurassic World is the fourth film in the series based on the book of the same name. A blockbuster that thrilled audiences, but most importantly did not disappoint them. The film was very troubled, having a long process not only in planning, but also because there had been stylistic differences between Universal Studios and the screenwriters. Fortunately, this did not stop the film from being released in theaters to thrill the millions of viewers who followed the development of the dinosaur world on Isla Nublar. In this feature film, we see how the project, by the now deceased John Hammond, was brought to fruition by another entrepreneur and how the Jurassic World amusement park won the attention of the population, with multimillion-dollar takings. In addition, the plot also revolves around the two Mitchell brothers, bright young boys who have not taken their parents' separation very well. The two are sent on vacation by their aunt, who is in charge of the park. Since the latter is always very busy, the two are entrusted to her assistant, who, however, will lose sight of them, leaving them to go on all the adventures later seen in the film. Meanwhile, a new species of dinosaur is created in the laboratory, and thanks to its genetic abilities it manages to give both the guards who control it and all the park workers a run for their money, becoming extremely dangerous to visitors. Again, it will have to be the humans who save themselves from this hybrid, through cunning and strategy, especially the person in charge has a lot to lose, since her grandchildren are still around the island. The suspense is high, as is the pace of the narrative, leaving the viewer with bated breath until the end of the film.