Locked Up Quiz: do you know the whole series? Take the Test!

Locked Up Test: could you answer specific questions about Spain's most famous inmates? Test yourself and prove you know everything about the series. Take the Quiz!

The quiz on Locked Up is all based on what can be considered one of the most popular TV series of the moment, which has got an incredible number of viewers hooked. A spectacular storyline that follows the adventures of a group of female inmates: the protagonist is Macarena, a woman who has been deceived by her boss and is now in jail because of the embezzlement of the company in which she worked. Inside the prison walls she learns about many stories and especially about many women who are experiencing the same situation as her, although some cases are certainly more complex and violent. The series Locked Up deals with the daily life of female inmates and how life in prison is difficult and unaccommodating, the program therefore deals with what are the main issues that come up when a relationship between female inmates is to be established, opening a glimmer not only on the negative but also on the positive aspects. It is probably this talking about hot and little-covered topics that has made the series so popular and interesting in the eyes of the public. The episodes are never ordinary and manage to entertain precisely because of the numerous twists and turns in the script; one could not ask for anything better. The number of fans grows more and more, creating a following that is not insignificant and rivals that of major TV series. And can you call yourself a true fan who has always followed the affairs of the best-known inmates of the small screen? To be sure, all you have to do is answer the questions in our quiz on Locked Up, enjoy!