Minecraft Quiz: do you really know everything about Minecraft? Take the Test!

Minecraft Quiz. Are you also passionate about this addicting video game? If you think you are super expert this is the time to prove it! Take the Test!

With this Minecraft quiz you can have fun proving how much you know about this super addictive video game. Do you think you know the Mobs perfectly? Do you know all about potions and the most powerful weapons? Then now is the time to prove it with the Minecraft test! Minecraft is a video game of a type called "sandbox" that was developed many years ago now. Over the years it has had many accolades and has been enjoyed by millions of gamers around the world. It has been a planetary success and has entered the common imagination of many people so much so that YouTube channels dedicated to the game, cosplays of the main characters and related spin-offs have increased by leaps and bounds. Are you among the real fans? Do you know all about the game's trivia and features? With this Minecraft quiz you can finally prove it!