Modern Family quiz: do you know the whole series? Take the Test!

Modern Family Test: could you answer specific questions about TV's least traditional family? Test yourself and prove you know everything about the series. Take the Quiz!

The Modern Family quiz tests you on the TV series that fully represents the various types of families in the new millennium, understanding both their qualities and flaws. Started in 2009, it ended in 2020, with no less than eleven seasons of brilliant writing. It is an extremely witty series, as beneath the sheer comedy we find a portrait that dismantles piece by piece the ideal of the perfect family that we are used to seeing in advertisements, creating a real one made up not only of joys but also of sorrows and discontents. Although it deals with themes such as the values and principles that underlie our lives, it always stays on a light tone, all of which is a great way to spend twenty minutes. We have to admit that along with the little Dunphys or even the adults of the family themselves, we have also grown up. Modern Family since its early beginnings has been able to see appreciation in the audience, that is precisely why it is one of the most awarded series of our years. Especially until 2015 they have collected some of the most important awards dedicated to their category. They have clutched in their hands the beauty of twenty-two Emmy Awards, including five consecutive to recognize it as "Best Series." Critically acclaimed, it has been able to boast a constant renewal of seasons, but unfortunately even good things must come to an end. Surely the series deserves a place of honor among cult must-sees. This quiz on Modern Family is a great way to be able to test one's preparation on the events of the funniest family on the small screen. Perhaps it could also be a good excuse to indulge in a nice rewatch of past seasons.