Money Heist 1 and 2 quiz: mint robbery. Take the Test!

Quiz on the first two seasons of Money Heist: do you remember the gang's first robbery? Find out how much you know about Money Heist. Take the Test!

This quiz on the first two seasons of Money Heist focuses on the events of the state mint robbery. Test yourself and find out how much you know about the most popular heist on Netflix! It seems like only yesterday that the Money Heist phenomenon broke out in Italy, but it's actually already been a few years since the first two seasons.Are you among the fans who remember every detail of this series that has already become a cult? Berlin, Tokyo, Stockholm... Do you remember all the characters, code names, plot and trivia about this Spanish series that has had the whole world cheering? In Money Heist - robbery at the state mint test, you will find questions and trivia about the first two seasons of the series created by Alex Pina for the Spanish TV channel Antena 3. Some of the questions may be easy if you've seen the series, but make no mistake: only true fans of Money Heist will know how to answer them all. If you just want to wear a red jumpsuit and a Dali mask, this is the perfect test for you: test yourself now!