Inside Out quiz: are you familiar with the animated movie? Take the Test!

Inside Out Quiz: do you feel up to answering very specific questions about the Pixar movie? Test yourself and show how much you know. Take the Test!

The quiz is based on Inside Out, the animated film through which Pixar in 2015 succeeded in developing one of the most revolutionary ideas in the entire animated world, answering one of the questions that have always plagued humankind. What are feelings? How do they manage something as complex as our minds? Inside Out is the perfect film for finding simple and, above all, entertaining answers to these questions. The plot revolves around an eleven-year-old girl and all her moods, which are the undisputed protagonists of the film. We therefore meet Anger, Joy, Fear, Disgust and Sadness, in short all the elements that define our personality in toto. In what are a series of wacky adventures we are able to understand the evolution of feelings and of the person himself, seeing ourselves in this little girl and understanding how through that immense whirlwind of feelings and emotions we have gone through ourselves. It is a decidedly light and engaging film that has succeeded in gaining acclaim from both young children and adults, making it ideal for organizing a family viewing so that we can spend a different evening in the company of our loved ones. It was also critically acclaimed, not to mention in addition to the victory it achieved at the Oscars for best action film. It is an incredible success that has led this wonderful cartoon to excite the whole world, starting from the United States all the way to Japan, bringing a smile to young and old alike in all corners of this globe. If you also call yourself a fan of Inside Out you can't help but try our test, this is the only way to be able to tell if you will need a rewatch or not.