Prison Break quiz: do you know all the details? Take the Test!

Prison Break Quiz: could you answer specific questions about TV's most famous escapees? Test yourself and prove you know everything about the series. Take the Test!

Prison Break is one of the most critically acclaimed U.S. action series with worldwide audiences. The plot is definitely intriguing and engaging, all the factors of guaranteed success are actually brought together: ingenuity, danger, initiative and brotherly love. Full of twists and turns, the series, has kept an extraordinary number of viewers glued to the TV since 2005. The entire story revolves around the organization of an escape from Fox River State Penitentiary, prepared by Micheal Scofield to allow his unjustly imprisoned brother to regain his freedom. The complications they will encounter on their journey make for suspenseful seasons, fully satisfying the viewer's interest. One is catapulted into a real scenario that nonetheless has the extraordinary, into a world where the entire justice system constantly and mercilessly deceives and is deceived, into a narrative where the life of a citizen is worth less than the plans of a politician. On the whole, there is no easy way to be able to describe all the events of such an adventure, the only thing that can be done to be able to fully understand the fans' love for the protagonists and the target is just to watch it.  In 2006, the series managed to get one of the most coveted awards in the entertainment world, namely a People's Choice Award, getting more important and prominent nominations in the same year. In fact, it will be nominated for two Golden Globe nominations. Fans will be able to prove through this quiz that they are true connoisseurs of this TV series, moreover, they will have the opportunity to test their skills and their love for this story, all in anticipation of a new season announced in 2018. After all, one has to keep trained to keep up with our favorite fugitives.