Rick and Morty quiz: take the test on the animated series!

Rick and Morty Quiz: are you sure you know everything about the animated series Rick and Morty? Find out by answering these questions! focus and do your best!

Rick and Morty Quiz: give as many correct answers as you can about the U.S. animated series Rick and Morty and show how attentive you were during the episodes! Do you think you can answer some questions about one of the most important animated series of the last decade? If you think your answer might be yes, then waste no more time and answer what you are asked in the quiz. It will be precisely by answering the most questions correctly that you will prove how much you know about this topic. Good luck! The animated series Rick and Morty was one of the most successful production works for the Adul Swim network.The program can be generically described as being in the cosmic horror category and has its roots in an animated parody of the cult Back to the Future trilogy. The plot develops around a scientist, Rick, and his nephew, Morty. The two of them, because of their grandfather's outlandish inventions, always find themselves catapulted into new adventures in parallel planets and neighboring worlds, always managing to narrowly save themselves and make the audience die with laughter. Critics greatly appreciated the program as although there were references to existing animated series, it possesses a completely original humor and a distinct black humor that is not as obvious as one might expect. Many people complimented the style of the series, as well as the reception of the general public can only be described as enthusiastic. Most likely, the beauty of this adult cartoon lies in the frenzy of the episodes, which often make them more unreal than they already were.