Riverdale Quiz 1: Here is the Riverdale Season 1 Test, prove if you are really fan, take the Test!

Riverdale Quiz 1: here is the Test on Riverdale Season 1, if you are really fan this is the time to prove it: take the Test!

Riverdale has been broadcasting since 2017 and its success seems to be unstoppable. Like many other TV series corresponding to the teen drama genre, Riverdale seeks a blend of various approaches to storytelling. One is the child of Twin Peaks and the ongoing search for characters who want to bring the town's secrets to light. The other, on the other hand, is very close to the high school movie and all that goes with it. That is, a strong emphasis on feelings and friendship/sentimental relationships with betrayals and fleeting loves. In this it is very close to the Soap Opera structure since we have a very large cast and a cliffhanger with which each episode ends. Although the Archie Comics from which Riverdale is based are very close to comedy, despite the fantasy or western twists, the TV series created by Roberto Aguirre - Sacasa has a whole dark atmosphere that looks very much like Twilight. This mise-en-scene winks at these teen audiovisual products not only because of dark photography, but because of a whole series of elements such as slow motion, constant pop songs in the episodes, and much more. The first season compared to the others has a single horizontal storyline in which the characters move. This narrative incipit sees Jason, a very popular athlete, disappear into thin air after a boat trip with his sister. At the end of the first episode he will be found dead with a bullet hole in his forehead. This tragic event will trigger a whole series of suspicions, deceptions and manipulations that will not be long in coming. Like any self-respecting teen drama along with terrifying acts such as murder there will be more lighthearted ones such as the prom, not forgetting, however, that a mournful aura hovers over Riverdale. Jason's death will be just the start for killers, dangerous sects and more. It is up to you to discover the secrets of the town of Riverdale and its inhabitants.