Riverdale Quiz - Season 2: Do you know everything about Season 2?

Riverdale Quiz 2: Here is the Riverdale Season 2 Test, if you think you know all the secrets of the TV series, prove it with the Test!

After resolving the web of events that saw Jason's death as an unsolvable mystery, the second season continues its journey but on this occasion there will be two main storylines. One pre-Black Hood and one post. This means that what might have seemed like the antagonist of the season is actually one of the main ones, in fact this second season will have many more episodes than the first. The staging remains faithful to the first plant and in fact not a day seems to have passed since the last airing. The incipit that opens the second season, sees Fred shot by a mysterious man, it looks like a robbery but in fact it is not. It will come to light that a killer has appeared in Riverdale who wants to punish the town's sinners. Just as last season, along with many very common themes, Riverdale also found space to discuss more current and urgent dynamics such as male privilege and sexual violence as an act of power. If in the first season there was a focus on slut shaming, in this new vintage there is an even greater attempt to delve into these power dynamics in which rich people think they can do whatever they want. Character insights of course will not be lacking, moreover this new season adds a key character: Hiram Lodge, Veronica's father. If before he was only in the dialogues, in this vintage he appears on the screen in all his elegance and questionability. In fact, Hiram will be the variable that Riverdale's narrative needed to mix things up again and give viewers a charismatic character. If the first season introduced characters that were many, from Jughead to Cheryl's grandmother, the second tries to dose the introduction of new Riverdale residents, focusing on those we already know.