Riverdale's Archie Andrews quiz: do you know everything about him?

Riverdale's Archie Andrews quiz: here is the test about one of the most important characters in this beautiful TV series! Do you know everything about Archie? Prove it with this test!

Archie quiz: give as many correct answers as you can about this Riverdale protagonist! Riverdale is a choral series, with a very large cast and filled with secondary storylines that intertwine into a horizontal storyline. This is in a nutshell the structure, however the character of Archie Andrews often appears, much more important than others. He is described to us as a nice guy with the right values, almost always loyal to his friends, and it is really hard not to think how perfect he is. Despite this aura gained from the girls who desire him, from his musical talents that are almost always praised, Archie Andrews also has weaknesses that thankfully go to undermine and eliminate the whiff of perfection that seems to pervade the character. After a tragic event, the strong-willed boy we were introduced to becomes paranoid and very weak, traumatized by a vicious serial killer who seems to kill the people Archie has loved in his life: his father who almost died, his former teacher and girlfriend, and Betty Cooper his best friend. All their dangers derived from this dangerous killer make Archie a much more human and weak character, making the viewer empathize more with the latter. In his narrative journey, despite his successes on the football team, Archie is dedicated to walking the musician's path. Certainly, the TV show features a character who performs for the first time on stage and has great success, but he is later told by a teacher that his music is trite. These two opposite reactions to his being a musician go to delineate a path that is not upward but includes up and down as in any career. These events do the job of not characterizing Archie as perfection made character, especially in a show that is by no means composed of kids and adults with impeccable actions.