Riverdale's Betty Cooper quiz: how well do you know her?

Riverdale's Betty Cooper Quiz: here are the questions that will let you find out how well you know one of Riverdale's main characters: Test yourself with the Betty quiz!

Betty Cooper is, like other Riverdale characters, an initially very stereotypical character. She harkens back to the archetype of the blonde in love with her smart and handsome man, almost as if she were a modern-day Grace Kelly from Rear Window. With this diva, Betty not only shares an accommodating and subservient demeanor, but also fascinated by the mysteries and suspicions that can arise where it seems impossible. In Riverdale she is often compared to another very famous Betty on television, namely Betty Draper from Mad Men. In contrast to the latter's very vain and self-confident Betty, Riverdale's Betty is initially very shy and reluctant to declare herself to the man she is interested in-Archie Andrews. As the narrative progresses, Betty will take on more and more character edges, and from being sweet and scatterbrained, she will become increasingly determined to uncover Riverdale's secrets. This continuing quest and interest in journalism will lead her to collaborate with Jughead, a somewhat odd outsider who is very good at writing. A feeling will soon develop between the two of them, sparked by all the experience they will share in unearthing the mysteries of the small town. Although it may initially seem like a relationship based on the thrill of adventure, their relationship will grow stronger and stronger, despite all the obstacles along the path of their relationship. Although they may seem completely different, they both belong to something dark. Jughead will become closer and closer to the Serpents, a gang on Riverdale's Southside, while Betty will get to know a side of herself very much fascinated by the adrenaline rush of danger and the forbidden. Her best friend is Veronica , the newcomer. Together they form very charismatic duo, in fact they will become B and V for everyone. Two letters that correspond only to their persons. Always attached to Archie, still being his best friend and maybe something more, Betty also has a lot of difficulties in managing her romantic relationships because of a mother who is too present in her daughter's life. Betty is one of the most interesting characters, the epitome of how darker shades can be created, even in a character as seemingly two-dimensional as Betty Cooper.