South Side Serpents Riverdale Quiz: Take the Test!

South Side Serpents Riverdale Quiz: do you know everything about Riverdale's most famous criminal gang? Prove it with the Test!

One of the most interesting issues we can detect in Riverdale is the Northside - Southside rivalry. This very obvious socio-political division sees in the Northside the middle class and upper middle class, while in the Southside the poorer people and more rampant crime. In the latter part of the city there are almost two rival gangs, one of which is called the Serpents. Like any group of people who share a moral code, rules and actions under a leader, the Serpents also have their own whole culture consisting of dress and much else. The two main members of the Serpents we will see acting are Jughead and his father, both of whom are initially involved for a society that rejects them and forces them to socialize in the fringes of the city. Here, in addition to the spirit of brotherhood that a gang can have, there is a whole range of dangers that could corrupt a person's sanity. Drugs, alcohol and drug dealing are just a few eventualities that can run into the path of a member of the Serpents. Even if you don't look for trouble, the context is so steeped in crime that staying out of some dynamics is really impossible. A tattoo, an initiation and everything else you can imagine about a gang. That of the Serpents like any other criminal group, is interested in expanding its territory in order to be able to commit more crimes and thus profits. One gang that has always been a rival of the Serpents is the Ghoulies. Although most Northside residents view the Serpents as heartless criminals ready to overpower you, in reality as always the complexity is not black and white. There is plenty of gray in the group with Jughead's father as its leader, in fact the Serpents in addition to their criminal element may be the only allies you might have in times of trouble. For Jughead and his father this was the case.