Seven Dwarfs Quiz: do you know Snow White's friends? Take the Test!

Seven Dwarfs Quiz: test your knowledge of the story of Snow White and her little friends. Put yourself to the test!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a 1937 Disney animated film directed by David Hand. Based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale of the same name, the film tells the story of the beautiful Snow White. Snow White, sweet and harmless, lives with her stepmother, Queen Grimilde, who is evil and obsessed with her beauty. The queen, in fact, asks the Magic Mirror every day who is the most beautiful in the kingdom. The mirror, which had always been loyal to the queen, one day reveals that Snow White, now grown up, has become the most beautiful in the kingdom. The queen, who had already forced Snow White to be a scullery maid, now decides to dispose of her and asks a hunter to kill her. The hunter, however, moved by Snow White's innocence, fails to carry out the deed and, after revealing the queen's plans to her, incites her to run away. Snow White escapes into the woods, where she finds a house inhabited by seven dwarfs, Dotto, Grumpy, Gloopy, Sleepy, Mousy, Aeolus, and Puppy. After some initial doubts, the seven dwarfs decide to take her in. Snow White then stays to live with the seven dwarfs and takes care of the house while they work. Snow White's happy days are, however, soon interrupted by the queen, who by consulting the mirror again comes to discover that Snow White is still alive and is still the most beautiful in the kingdom. The queen, therefore, prepares a new plan to get rid of Snow White. Snow White is the first feature film in Disney history and still one of the most beloved animated films for all children. Snow White is also a milestone in film history as it was the first animated film in the United States and the first to be produced entirely in color. The story of Snow White continues to be so popular that it was reinterpreted in a new film, produced in 2012 and nominated for Oscars in the best costume category.