Sherlock Test: do you know everything about the series? Take the Quiz!

Sherlock Quiz: could you answer very specific questions about the Netflix series? Test yourself and prove you know everything about Sherlock and Watson. Take the Test!

Who doesn't know the adventures of Sherlock Holmes? The most famous detective in all of history, capable of juggling the most intricate plots and the most absurd mysteries. Our Sherlock quiz goes into the specifics of the series, in which the character is given even more depth and featured masterful acting that made the entire script extremely enjoyable to watch, anyone could appreciate how Sherlock's adventures were told. The plot is well known: set in a modern-day England, the country's shrewdest detective uncovers the subterfuges of hardened criminals, thanks in part to the invaluable help of his trusty assistant. Within the series it goes to highlight how deep the friendship between Holmes and Watson runs, making the story even more interesting. Among plots and mysteries, the romantic component certainly cannot be missed, in fact both our protagonist and his friend will have to struggle a lot to find love and to be able to hold on to it, but it will be this soft romance that will make the following fall in love with the series that had become fond of the couples that later formed. Certainly what also kept the audience's attention high was the ability to cram stratospheric special effects and crazy insights within the episodes. The story even though many people were already familiar with it was made current and modern, making it even more appealing to the mystery movie-loving audience. And do you think you will be able to answer the questions in our Sherlock quiz or will you end up having to rewatch all the episodes? After all, taking the quiz is a fun way to spend some free time, perhaps having a good challenge among friends.