Spells in Harry Potter quiz: how well do you know them? Take Test!

Spells in Harry Potter quiz: do you know all about spells and magic in the harry Potter saga? Now you can prove it! Take the Test!

This is the quiz dedicated to spells in Harry Potter. As in any self-respecting wizard story, spells are an important action in defining a wizard's worth. In the world of Harry Potter, they are crucial in bringing the plot to fruition, as without a particular spell, one does not gain access to one's goal. In addition, magical action can be performed through three ways: through the wand ordinarily or hand gesture; in addition to the latter, which require a formula to accompany the physical action, there are nonverbal spells. The latter can be performed without uttering a word, however, only truly experienced wizards such as Dumbledore or Voldemort can have this power. The duration of the effects, on the other hand, is variable. Some spells are instantaneous such as the "stupeficium," which consists of a spell that can hurl the opponent dozens of meters away. Other spells, on the other hand, have long lasting effects such as "petrificus totalus," a spell that as the name suggests immobilizes you for a not inconsiderable amount of time. Cures of magical acts are not always effective; in fact, there are spells that cannot restore the victim to his or her previous appearance. A case in point lies in the episode in which Snape hurls a "Sectumsempra" at George causing him to have his ear amputated. This spell invented by Professor Snape has the power to bleed the victim dry, however, Muggle cures can heal the bleeding but if cast on a single item such as the ear, there is no magic or cure that can restore it. Unforgiving curses have an important emphasis in the Harry Potter saga. They if performed cause immediate imprisonment in Azkaban, although this procedure will not be respected in the books or in the saga. These spells, the darkest of all, are three in number and are respectively referred to as Avada kedavra, the anathema that kills. The cruciatus curse that causes physical and psychological pain to those addressed and finally the imperium curse that serves to control minds. The appeal of the Harry Potter saga has built a great deal of imagery with these magical formulas, often having a very peculiar etymology.