Stranger Things quiz - Season 3. take the test!

Stranger Things season 3 quiz. With this test you will find out how much you remember about the third season of Stranger Things: test yourself!

Here is the Stranger Things quiz on the third season. With this test you will find out how much you remember about the second season of Stranger Things: test yourself! With Stranger Things 3 we especially learn about two issues. The first is about the need for a villain and the weakness of the Mind Flayer as an entity to be defeated. As mysterious and interesting as the below or the creature that seems to inhabit it is, the Mind Flayer is a villain who seems to have said all he needs to say. The Lovecraftian aesthetic with which he is conceived and his dangerousness are certainly characteristics that make him powerful and fascinating. In three seasons, however, he seems to have lost bite. The Russians as stereotypical as they are are much more entertaining and functional to the teen movie story. The narrative incipit is quickly stated: The Mind Flayer seems much more powerful than before and has a plan to disrupt the world and our protagonists must try to stop him. Of course, there are other storylines but that is the center of the plot. Having dissected this first issue, the third season of Stranger Things reminds us of its best asset: the characters. It is the latter who shine in this final season, certainly there are those who have more screen time and depth, but overall the writing work done is truly remarkable. Will, for example, because of his trauma has not been able to experience his boyhood. Time, however, has moved on. His friends no longer want to play Dungeons and Dragons but to go out with girls, to live a life according to them that is less childish. Will, on the other hand, would like to have back those moments denied by his abduction, his relationship with the Mind Flayer. From Will to Robin, the third season of Stranger Things wins mostly because of its protagonists, their evolutions. The Russians are a lot of fun but perhaps not so charismatic to be the only villains, the Mind Flayer seems to have run out of steam, while instead the characters we have come to love become more and more worthy of attention.