Stranger Things Quiz - Season 4. Take the test!

Stranger Things season 4 quiz. With this test you will find out how much you remember about the fourth season of Stranger Things: test yourself!

How well do you know the fourth season of Stranger Things? Stranger Things is not only one of Netflix's most popular series but it was also the star of the 1980s TV revival. With its characters, quotes and writing by the Duffer brothers, the show is now in its penultimate season. The intertwining of characters, the secrets of the upside down, and so much more awaits you on Stranger Things. If you have already seen the series, you can try your hand at this quiz. Answer the questions we will ask you in the Test and find out how well you know Stranger Things 4 The questions you will answer in this test will focus on the plot and all those details that make the fan, a true fan of the show. Many questions will be about the show's villain of course, because the most iconic character of this season is certainly him: Vecna. It must not have been easy to come up with a concrete, physical enemy, but apparently according to the Duffer brothers a very specific puppet master was needed. Could you know everything about Stranger Things 4? Take the test! As we anticipated in the previous lines, many people do not seem to have realized that the series from having a cosmic enemy, a supernatural entity with who knows what purpose, now has a concrete enemy instead: Vecna. This aspect goes to curb a problem that is as simple as it is true. The Mind Flayer though interesting aesthetically, had no motivation and could turn out to be the classic evil being who wants to destroy everything. While this is a real possibility for analysis, on the other hand with the inclusion of Vecna there was a little loss of that charm that made Hawkins' group struggle against something mysterious. Specifying the above, the Mind Flayer still remains a mystery, however having discovered Vecna's orchestration many found themselves disappointed. After that, this season was equally very important and finally resolved some doubts that fans had been waiting for a long time. Now you just have to take the test and see how much Stranger Things is still in your memory.