Suits quiz: how much do you know about famous lawyers?

Suits Quiz: are you sure you know everything about this TV series? Find out by answering the Suits quiz questions!

Here's the quiz on Suits! Are you sure you have followed the development of the TV series "Suits" closely? If you think you can give an affirmative answer, then you will have no problem answering these simple questions, which go over the entire TV series. Concentrate and try to answer all the questions correctly, you will find out how much you know about one of the most beloved TV series. Suits is an American TV series that deals with legal issues and the events that constantly happen to the main characters, supplementing the plot with love intrigue and betrayal. One of the main characters is undoubtedly Harvey, a brilliant lawyer who loves the good life and fun, while on the other side we have Mike, a young man with an eidetic memory who never had a chance to graduate and become a lawyer. In spite of this, Harvey can see the boy's potential and decides to take him under his wing, bringing him to work at the firm where he himself practices. Both are forced to keep Mike's failure to qualify a secret, and this will lead to no small amount of trouble for the two, both with their relationships and with blackmail from those who would have liked to see them fail. Beyond them, the entire TV series is a collection of complex and personality-rich characters that not only enrich the program but also make it more endearing. The TV series can boast of incredible success garnered both among film critics and the general public. The program has been so successful worldwide that it has inspired South Korean producers to remake the series.