Federica Pellegrini quiz: How well do you know the Italian swimmer? Take the test!

If you are a fan of swimming and follow the athlete Federica Pellegrini, this quiz is for you! Test your knowledge about the world's most famous Italian swimmer and find out if you really are an expert in her world. Take the quiz and find out how much you really know!

Federica Pellegrini is an Italian swimmer born in Mirano on August 5, 1988. She is one of the most famous and successful athletes in our country, with an impressive palmares. In this article we will try to tell about her life, career and achievements. Federica began swimming at an early age, under the guidance of her father Roberto, who is also her coach. At only 16 years old, she participated in the 2004 Athens Olympics, where she competed in the 200m freestyle. She did not win any medals, but she showed her talent and determination. Federica's real launching pad, however, was the 2006 European Swimming Championships in Budapest, where she won gold in the 200m freestyle and silver in the 400m freestyle. From then on, her career took off, with a series of victories and records that made her one of the world's strongest swimmers. Among her most important achievements are certainly the gold medals she won at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, in the 200m freestyle, and at the World Championships in Rome in 2009, in the 200m freestyle and 400m freestyle. In the latter race Federica also set the world record, with a time of 3'59"15. But her career did not stop there: Federica has continued to win medals and break records, becoming an icon of Italian sports. Her most recent successes include a gold medal at the 2017 World Championships in Budapest in the 200m freestyle and a silver medal at the 2018 Mediterranean Games in Tarragona, also in the 200m freestyle. But Federica is not only a great athlete, she is also a very socially committed person. In 2014, she founded the Federica Pellegrini Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting sports and physical activity among young people and people with disabilities. In short, Federica Pellegrini is a true icon of Italian sports, an extraordinary swimmer who has been able to win the hearts of all swimming fans and beyond. Thanks to her victories and achievements, she has shown that with commitment and determination one can achieve great goals, becoming an example for all of us.