Beauty and the Beast quiz: how much do you remember the cartoon?

Beauty and the Beast quiz: with this test you can find out how much you remember this beautiful Disney cartoon. Put yourself to the test!

With this fun Beauty and the Beast quiz you can test yourself on one of Disney's most beloved animated films! Based on the short story by Jeanne Marie Leprince de Beaumont, the 1991 audiovisual product directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise is about the meeting of different. In the arts both visual such as painting and literary, the contrast of opposites has always been an effective choice when exploited well. Just think that the buddy movie, the usually action film starring a pair of characters, always has this dynamic of opposites, of different people coming together. The literary tale as well as the two Disney works based on the latter initially narrate just that: the meeting of opposites. Dealing with the theme of princely love, the story again leads the viewer down a path that has been traveled so many times before, especially by Disney. In this precise case, however, a not inconsiderable maturation process is present. We are talking about going beyond the aesthetic appearance, in fact if until then the prince, as well as love interest, was classified as beautiful in the eyes of the protagonist, in this case the prince is a monster with a tormented soul. The latter has been a cruel and selfish person in the past, but because of a curse, he has turned into a Beast. To reverse the spell he will have to love and be loved despite his terrible appearance. From this subject, the film draws a whole series of considerations that are summarized precisely in "Appearances can be deceiving." Beyond this aspect, thematically, the 1991 work does not engage in much else, yet it has a truly splendid staging as well as excellent music. Compared to other princesses Belle is a character who does not face magical antagonists such as the sea witch or the dark sorceress in Snow White, but faces the people who have been with her all her life. She is a princess therefore who takes note of how the foreigner and the different can be treated superficially, thus learning an important lesson about the atrocities of racism. Beauty and the Beast is much more than other Disney classics, a coming-of-age and educational film.