Flash Quiz: do you know everything about him? Take the Test!

Flash Quiz: the test that lets you find out how much you know about this famous DC comic book character. Take the Test!

Here is the Flash quiz! Flash is one of the superheroes produced by DC Comics, created in 1940 he has had a series of developments that have kept him always current and never boring. Many TV series have been inspired by the comic book, which just like the paper version, have made millions of viewers fall in love with him. The character has several alter egos, the first being Jay Garrick, who after inhaling heavy water vapors finds himself to be the fastest man alive. In fact, Flash, exactly as his name implies, is a superhero with the power to move seven times faster than light, destroying any law of physics. His typical costume is very colorful, but is distinguished by an ornate helmet on the sides. The second reincarnation concerns a young chemist, who obtains all the powers by being struck by lightning, in which case the helmet is replaced with a mask. His adventures are then retold by adding secondary characters as well, which certainly makes the plot more eventful and rhythmic. All these Flash had a lot of enemies, for example Professor Zoom or The Rival, who tried each time to oust the young hero, always with poor results. The public really loved this boy, especially for his more human and compassionate aspects, which made him more understandable to readers. Many kids who wanted to escape a little from the usual routine could not help but appreciate this hero who managed to be the fastest of all. As has already been mentioned, it is because of the fame he achieved that the producers were able to create an entire merchandising around the character.