Joker Quiz: do you know the latest movie? Take the Test!

Joker quiz: how much do you remember about the latest fil about the supervillain from the Batman universe? With the quiz questions you can find out how much you know. Take the Test!

This quiz on the movie Joker is based on the latest film that has been one of the most popular films in recent years. The plot was not new to die-hard fans because it is an explanation of how Batman's Joker became the dangerous super villain who paralyzes Gotham City with terror. But despite this, the whole film is a masterpiece in every way, from the acting to the scripts, from the soundtrack to the clothes, it is simply a satisfying film to watch. Especially for the way the director decided to approach mental illness, opening a window on a society that no matter how medically tolerant it may claim to be is still unable to accept a person with personality disorders as normal. It is incredibly interesting and surprising how what one might expect does not happen, that is, the Joker's madness is not triggered by a single moment when he loses his mind, but by the totality of situations in which he has found himself struggling to defend his humanity. In many ways, anyone who has ever been marginalized by society for a variety of reasons is able to mirror himself in him, in a way to understand him. No one disputes that he is the villain, but thanks to this film one is able to understand the inherent why of his sadism, finding an explanation for it also becomes more real as a character. The success was definitely ensured by a combination of factors, but among all of them the character work stands out, such an authentic Joker was years in coming. And were you really and deeply attentive to the film as a whole? If yes then you will have no problem answering simple questions and therefore finishing the quiz. Remember, it is always helpful to have an excuse to re-watch our favorite films!