Quiz The Originals: Find out how much you know!

The Originals Quiz: are you sure you know everything about The Originals TV series? Find out by answering these questions! Concentrate and do your best! Take the test!

The Originals Quiz: give as many correct answers as you can about The Originals TV series and show how attentive you were during the episodes! Do you think you can answer some questions about one of the decade's most successful spin-offs? If you think your answer might be yes, then waste no more time and take this quiz. It will be by answering the most questions correctly that you will prove how knowledgeable you are on the subject. Good luck! The plot of the spin-off revolves around Klaus Mikaelson, played by a brilliant Joseph Morgan, the original feared vampire, who together with his family decides to return to a town that he and his loved ones had founded but from which he had been forced to flee for nearly a century. Originally the vampires were created by a witch, Esther, to condemn them to eternal life, as she had seen her youngest son die from an attack by werewolves. But the family no longer consists of just the initial trio; in fact, it also continues to grow because of a new hybrid, Hayley, a young woman who is expecting a child by one of the vampires. Thus begins a series of confrontations with the new protector of the town of the originals, which degenerates into internal warfare between vampires, werewolves and witches. In short, a wonderful set of passionate and adventurous intrigues that have not failed to keep millions of viewers around the world attached to their television sets.