Test on Magic Wands in Harry Potter: Take the Quiz!

Test on Wands in Harry Potter: one of the most iconic magical tools in Harry's world! Do you know everything about this object? Take the Quiz!

This Test dedicated to the magic wands in Harry Potter is to test you on the most representative object for wizards. It is the wand that chooses one's wizard. From this element of Rowling's writing, this tool is not just an accessory or even a simple object of power, but an indispensable companion for every wizard. In fact despite the fact that any wand can be used by a wizard, especially a powerful one, the effect of the wand is given by the synergy between wizard and wand. Just think of that whole subplot in the seventh book where Voldemort needs a new wand but despite some possessions, such as that of Lucius, he cannot cope with Harry. Even when he gets the Elder Wand, the most powerful wand ever created, the bond will be so weak that he will become obsessed with it all. He will even go so far as to kill what he thought was a loyal servant: Snape. All this begs the question, how can one change wands without finding an obstacle in creating a bond with the latter? There must be an achievement. A disarmed wizard or a lost duel can cause the wand to lose its spiritual possession, making the victor the new owner. The two most prominent wand makers who have appeared in the world of Harry Potter are Olivander and Gregorovich; moreover, a mystery hovers over how they are made since no one except the makers knows the exact process. A key characteristic of the wand is its weight, since it goes to the wizard's agility with it.  In addition to rigidity and weight, a distinguishing feature of a wand is the core. The latter can be of various types: unicorn hair, dragon heartstrings, phoenix feather, Veela hair, and Thestral hair. Each of the cores has its own characteristics, for example, a beech wand will be very bright and have a not inconsiderable magical ability. In the Harry Potter universe, it is the necessary magical tool for every wizard, no matter how powerful or weak the latter is, the wand is an indispensable companion.