Wednesday Quiz: do you know the series on Wednesday Addams? Take the Test!

Wednesday Quiz: test your knowledge about the revelation series of 2022!

How well do you know Wednesday? Wednesday was certainly the surprise of 2022, an audiovisual product that draws from different narratives some nuances and later grafts them into a truly classic show that has a bit of everything. While some works try to innovate through equally simple storytelling, Wednesday, on the other hand, seems to have come out of a perfect equation. Riverdale, Harry Potter, The Terrifying Adventures of Sabrina, these are just a few of the inspirations that make the Netflix show an experience watched by hundreds of millions of people. Answer the questions we will ask you in the Test and find out how much you know about Wednesday The questions you will answer will be mainly on two topics: history and trivia about the creative cast. If that sounds small to you, actually with the second topic alone we could fill a room with questions. In addition to all that, there will also be some questions that are more complex than others, in order to put the hardcore fan on the spot. If we did not do this it would result in too easy a test for a Wednesday fan. Could you get to know everything about Wednesday? Take the test! As we said a few lines ago, Wednesday seems to be the result of a careful mathematical process that has recovered some winning narrative elements and put them in a context that seems to be new. Certainly it is not; in fact, there are plenty of shows similar to Wednesday, but this is not a point against it, but an indisputable fact. In the flood of inspirations, however, the series has some not inconsiderable acts of bravery, one among them the near destruction of a statue very relevant to the show. We often talk about cancel culture and redefining what we thought was right, such as monuments dedicated to very questionable historical figures. In one episode, the show made by the creators of Smallville, takes a sharp political stance and sides with those who no longer tolerate the celebration of vile figures of the past. That said, if you are also as brave as Wednesday, we challenge you with our test. Good Luck!