Zoey 101 quiz: do you remember the series? Take the Test!

Zoey 101 Test: could you answer specific questions about one of the world's most beloved comedy series? Test yourself and prove you know everything about Zoey and her friends. Take the Quiz!

The quiz is about Zoey 101, one of the world's most popular U.S. comedy series. The plot revolves around Zoey, a teenage girl who moves to California with her little brother to attend classes at a well-known and renowned institution in the state. As soon as she arrives she will immediately become acquainted with Chase, who will be for her not only a best friend but also her first love. Through him she will get to know part of her group of friends, which will be made complete by her new roommates. Thus will begin all their adventures, which besides being funny are always topical. The themes dealt with are very simple but fundamental; we talk about love and friendship, especially the difficulty of loving those we consider different from us. Over the course of the various seasons we see how the personal entanglements of each character become more and more complex, after all, as characters grow up they also become more complicated. It is precisely because of the light-heartedness with which a wide variety of topics are discussed that it has been able to achieve amazing success among pre-teen and older age groups, perhaps because they could identify perfectly with the events and feelings felt by the main characters. And can you consider yourself a die-hard fan of the series? Have you managed to keep up with America's most sensational academy? If your answer is yes, then you will have no problem taking our Zoey 101 quiz. It's a hilarious way to bring back old memories and kick off a comprehensive review of the series' most exciting and touching episodes. Enjoy!