Spiderman No Way Home quiz: find out how much you know with the Test!

Spider-Man No Way Home Quiz: Could you guess all the questions about the Marvel movie? Take the test!

Despite the not inconsiderable number of Marvel movies, this one we are talking about has a feature that makes it unique. In fact, we are talking about a project that not only explores the multiverse as others do, but accomplishes almost the impossible: bringing together the three Spider-Men we have seen over the past two decades, Raimi's, Webb's, and finally the latest one played by Tom Holland. Answer the questions we will ask you in the Test and find out how well you know Spider-Man No Way Home. The questions you answer will test your knowledge of the film from two points of view: one productive and the other narrative. Only in this way can you understand with absolute certainty that you understand Spider-Man No Way Home. That said, before introducing you to the test there is a little introduction to refresh your memory. As we said in the previous lines, Spider-Man No Way Home is unique because it realizes a fan fantasy that seemed impossible, even just from a production standpoint. Instead, they succeeded. Indeed, in the audiovisual product there are not only the three Peters but also the most important villains who appeared in the previous films, from Dafoe's Goblin to Molina's Octopus. The risk was obviously to conceive a meatloaf that had too many ingredients and indeed in certain filmic phases this problem is evident, however Spider-Man No Way Home juggles well and overall it can be said to be a good entertainment product. Nothing earth-shattering, however being relevant and memorable in an increasingly rich Marvel filmography is no small affair. The test that follows will try to put you to the test, however if you have read this introduction you may know more about it than before. What are you waiting for? Run and take the test, you will not be disappointed.