Squid Quiz Game: Test your knowledge of the South Korean series!

Squid Game Quiz: test your knowledge about the South Korean series that has engrossed the whole world right now! Test yourself with the test!

What would you be willing to do to get out of poverty? Are there still limits imposed on oneself when despair is at the head of one's life? The answer to these questions, as is often the case, is not unique. There are those who surrender to their fate and those who try everything to succeed-this is the case for Seong Gi-hun and the other 455 participants in the Squid Game. As much as thirty-three million euros are up for grabs, which will go to the lucky winner, who can finally turn his life around, but at what price? Simply by accepting that to get to that point all the other contestants will have to be dead. Clearly, to accept such a deal one must be at the lowest point of one's existence, surrounded by debt or perhaps with a family that one cannot support, exactly the description of these people's everyday life. The game consists of a series of trials, based on popular children's games in South Korea, where slowly more and more people are eliminated. The strategies to get more chances are different, physical strength is key, but as you go on with the series you realize that cunning is crucial. The program does not rely solely on the progression of the game, but delves into the various characters, the relationships that are entered into and how they behave during the situations they are subjected to, showing how the more real the danger becomes the more humanity is lost. In the later episodes we learn how all of this is orchestrated to entertain rich people who enjoy applauding the misfortunes of others, creating a reflection in the viewer concerning the injustice in the Korean economic system, which does not allow for social advancement but mocks those who try.