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Are you ready to test your knowledge about the athlete Gianmarco Tamberi? This quiz will take you on a discovery of trivia and anecdotes about the life and career of one of Italy's greatest high jumpers. Test yourself and find out how much you really know about Tamberi!

Gianmarco Tamberi, also known as Gimbo, is an Italian athlete who specializes in the high jump. Born in Civitanova Marche in 1992, he began practicing athletics at a young age, following in the footsteps of his father, also a former athlete. Her international career began in 2012, when she competed at the European Championships in Helsinki, but failed to make it past the qualifiers. However, the following year he earned his first international medal at the European Indoor Championships in Gothenburg, winning bronze with a jump of 2.28 meters. 2014 was a big year for Tamberi, who set his personal best by jumping 2.33 meters at the Italian Championships in Padua. He also participated in the European Championships in Zurich, where he won the silver medal with a jump of 2.32 meters. In 2015, Tamberi competed at the World Championships in Beijing, where he finished sixth with a jump of 2.29 meters. However, the following year he had his revenge, winning the gold medal at the European Championships in Amsterdam with a jump of 2.32 meters. 2016 was also the year of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, where Tamberi had high hopes of winning a medal. Unfortunately, during the competition he injured his ankle and had to leave the competition. Nevertheless, he showed great sportsmanship and embraced his great rival, Canadian Derek Drouin, who had just won gold. After recovering from injury, Tamberi continued to compete internationally, winning the silver medal at the European Indoor Championships in Belgrade in 2017 and at the Mediterranean Games in Tarragona in 2018. In 2019, he won a gold medal at the Mediterranean Games in Patras, standing on the top step of the podium with a jump of 2.32 meters. Tamberi is known not only for his sports performance, but also for his unique and colorful style. During competitions, he often wears distinctive socks and shoes, and he also has the Superman logo and the words "I'm back" tattooed on his legs, in reference to his recovery from injury at the Rio Olympics. In addition, Tamberi is very active on social media, where he often shares photos and videos of his competitions, training sessions, and personal life. He also has a YouTube channel, where he posts tutorial and behind-the-scenes videos of his competitions. In conclusion, Gianmarco Tamberi is one of the best Italian athletes in the high jump, with a successful international career and a unique and colorful style. Despite his injury at the Rio Olympics, he has shown great sportsmanship and is an example for all athletics fans.