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Are you an athletics fan and think you know everything about Italian champion Sara Simeoni? Test yourself with our quiz and find out if you really are an expert on her life and career! Get ready to answer questions about her accomplishments, her records, and her personal life. Take the quiz now and find out how well you know Sara Simeoni!

Sara Simeoni is one of the greatest Italian athletes of all time. Born in Padua in 1953, she began practicing athletics as a child, immediately showing a great talent for high jumping. Throughout her career, she won numerous national and international titles, becoming a true legend of Italian sports. Sara Simeoni's career began in the 1970s, when she began participating in her first youth competitions. In 1971 she won her first overall Italian title in the high jump, also setting her first Italian record with a jump of 1.84 meters. From there on, her career was a continuous ascent: in 1972 she participated in the Munich Olympics, where she finished fourth, narrowly missing out on a medal. Sara Simeoni's real triumph came in 1978, when she won the gold medal at the European Championships in Prague with a jump of 1.97 meters, which remained her personal best for many years. From then on, Sara Simeoni continued to rack up successes: in 1980 she won the gold medal at the Moscow Olympics with a jump of 1.97 meters, becoming the first Italian athlete to win an Olympic gold medal in the high jump. But Sara Simeoni's career did not stop there: throughout the 1980s she continued to participate in major international competitions, winning numerous titles and setting new records. In 1984 she participated in the Los Angeles Olympics, where she finished fourth, narrowly missing out on another medal. In addition to her sporting achievements, Sara Simeoni was also an important figure in the Italian feminist movement. Throughout her career, she fought for greater rights and recognition for women athletes, helping to change the way Italian society viewed women's sports. Today, many years after the end of her competitive career, Sara Simeoni is still a much-loved and respected figure in Italy and abroad. Her story is an example of determination, talent and commitment that continues to inspire young athletes around the world. In conclusion, Sara Simeoni was one of the greatest Italian female athletes of all time, who made her mark on the history of Italian and international sports. Her career was marked by numerous successes and records, but also by a strong determination and commitment to promoting the rights of women athletes. Today, her name is synonymous with excellence and an entire generation of athletes who have made Italian sports history.