Animagus test in Harry Potter: How much do you know, take the test!

Test on the Animagus in Harry Potter: do you know what it is? Do you know all the features and trivia? Then put it to the test! Take the Quiz!

This is the Test on the Animagus in Harry Potter. Let's start with the definition of Animagus since it can often be confused with lycanthropy, which can also transform you. The Animagus chooses to be an animal, however, it cannot decide which one to become since it originates based on its personality. Let us reflect on this aspect. One Animagus we observe throughout the Harry Potter saga is Sirius Black. The latter can transform into a dog, an animal often associated with being a stray, just as Sirius Black spent many years on the run as a nomad. Another Animagus who has appeared very famously in the book and film series is Peter Minus. The latter can transform into a rat, an animal traceable to something lowly that hides where you least expect it. All characteristics that Peter Minus also possesses in his human form. Being a very relevant magical peculiarity, animagi have to sign a register at the Ministry of Magic so that they can be better traced in important cases. Of course, not all of them are registered since they would otherwise be more likely to be caught if they escape, the prime example being Peter Pettigrew, who stayed twelve years with the Weasleys before being discovered in the third chapter. This magical feature is also very useful in so many ways. Rita Skeeter for example was able to know every gossip about the world of Hogwarts, not so much because she was helped by a team of reporters, but because she is an unregistered Animagus. A beetle. This transformation, unnecessary in physical confrontations, becomes essential in her work as a scandal reporter. For thanks to this form, Skeeter was able to be in places inaccessible to her and thus obtain confidential information. How to be sure that animal is who we say it is? In the third chapter Sirius and Lupin claim that Peter Pettigrew is Scabbers, Ron's rodent. But how to convince them? With the Homosembling spell, a magic that forces the Animagus back into its human form. Being an Animagus is rare and one must also have a predisposition, otherwise it is not explained why so many great wizards are not Animagus themselves.