Quidditch test in Harry Potter: How much do you know, take the quiz!

Quidditch Test in Harry Potter: Do you know what the rules are? Do you know all the peculiarities and trivia? Then put yourself to the test! Take the Quiz!

Here is the quiz dedicated to the game of Quidditch so famous in the magical world of Harry Potter. We all know how important sports are in our world, both from an economic point of view because of the market, and from a national popular point of view, in fact some sportsmen have become real icons. Not to leave out any important element in defining the magical universe of Harry Potter, Rowling introduced Quidditch.  The most famous sport in the entire saga of books and films. In the chapters of the film series this sports fixture is often tasked with deepening certain dynamics. Think, for example, of the first match in which Quirrell tries with magic to make Harry fall off his broom while we think it is Snape who performs this insane action. This sequence to a first unimportant appearance is already indicative of the true virtuous intentions of Professor Snape who tries to help Harry throughout the saga while often appearing to be a negative character. Quidditch also has the task of lightening a very dark story, think for example of the sixth chapter, where the sport is treated as if it were pure comedy. One detail that not everyone knows is the adaptation of Quidditch in real life, the one unfortunately that has no flying brooms or magic wands. Called Muggle Quidditch, the sport has become so popular that it has prompted national associations and federations to make it something official with all the trappings. Invented in 2005, it maintains the structure with those roles already seen in the film saga: hunter, beater, seeker and goalkeeper. How to succeed in solving the broom problem? By turning it into an obstacle for the player, in fact the latter will be riding a broom and will never be able to leave it, with a few exceptions. How far can an image, a fantasy achievable only in an unreal world, go? It can go so far as to create a viable version, with national and even world championships. All this is also Quidditch.