IQ test 20 questions, free and online: test yourself!

IQ test 20 questions: a fun way to test your intelligence!

Taking a free 20-question IQ test is a fun way to entertain yourself and test your intellectual abilities! At the end of the quiz you will know your IQ level, all you have to do is answer the 20 questions in our quiz and you will find out if you are a real genius! Only 20 questions to get a reliable result and find out your IQ! If you have read our article on Intellectual Quotient, you will have realized that IQ tests give you a result related to your ability to solve problems you have never faced, in fact we will offer you 20 questions with 20 problems (riddles, puzzles, etc.) to solve and based on your answers you can find out your score and compare it with the average of the world population.

Why a 20-question IQ Test?

Easy: because in this way we give anyone the chance to test themselves with an IQ test that is short enough to be done in a short time, but being reliable enough to test the intellectual abilities of those who have little time to test themselves. Nothing prohibits you, then, from trying to solve the problems of the longer tests you can find on our site. How does this 20-question IQ test work? The way it works is based on the classic model of the multiple-choice question-and-answer test: we will propose 20 questions of logical, visual, and mathematical types, and you will have to answer among the four alternatives we propose. The questions are of varying difficulty to better assess your level, so you will have to be very careful and take your time to answer them correctly. There are no time limits precisely to give you all the time you need to best answer the questions. At the end of each question we will tell you whether the answer was right or wrong, but we will not tell you the correct result so if you want to test yourself again you can do it as many times as you want. In addition, at the end of the quiz we will give you your score and show you a summary of the results related to the 20 questions, so you can realize how many you got right and see how your IQ ranks compared to the world average. You can always retake the test if you want, so you can improve your score and challenge your friends by sharing it on social media!